Internet Mail

I have some advice for people that have trouble with downloading large e-mail files, like newsletters. There are several FREE on-line e-mail sites available that eliminate this problem. Two of the most popular are:

  • Hotmail - MS mail
  • Yahoo mail
  • Gmail - Googles email

Not only do they eliminate problems of large files but also, you can access them anywhere, at any time, without being on your own home computer.

So many of us are very mobile these days but can still access a computer while on the road. As long as you can log onto the Internet, you may get and send mail using these programs.

The other convenience is that they come with a free Instant Messenger that will allow you to have instant chat with your buddies.

I have been using both of these programs for the past few years and have enjoyed their ease of use and the storage space allotted with the programs. I'm a student for computer science and have found these programs to be great for storage of my homework between home and school.