m3cats - The Name m3cats

It all started with two cats, Kitty Kat Cay and Bubba Kat, and then a Himalayan cat, Baby Kitty, was added to the mix to make a total of 3 fur faces that owned me. It was about 1995 when I got my first home computer and started using the internet. Back then, the World Wide Web was mostly only text so I started going to cat chat rooms like acmepet.com. I needed an ID to chat in the rooms so I started by using my last name and then the 3 cats so people would know how many cats ran my life without having to ask. The last name was shortened to the first initial and wah lah the name "m3cats" was born.

It wasn't until early 2004 that I finally purchased the domain name. I was using free spaces before that time like geocities, angelfire, and switchboard. Switchboard and geocities have discontinued their free websites but there are some others free spaces available.

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